Kachemak Charters conducts high-quality, overnight charters that focus on memorable and fun trips. Our standard charter is two days long, but we also offer multi-day charters customized to satisfy your desires.  We will work with you to customize trips to any location serviced by Kachemak Charters: Cook Inlet, Alaskan Peninsula, Kodiak Archipelago, and Prince William Sound.   Please book early as we want to accommodate your dream trip, and dates will book up fast.

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All of Kachemak Charters trips are more than a fishing trip; they are an experience to treasure for the rest of your life.   You will likely see whales, including Orcas, Humpbacks, Grays and possibly other species that call Alaskan waters home. Other marine mammals that you are likely to see are sea otters, harbor seals, dolphins and sea lions.  Sea birds abound and it is a very rare trip that you won’t see Puffins, rafts of Shearwaters, and other seabirds. You will see parts of Alaska that few people get to experience and the vistas are ever changing and incredibly beautiful.  

Each night during our charters, we will anchor up in a safe harbor where we will spend the night.  Before dinner, appetizers will be served and then a great meal, likely fish that you caught!  Our fish dishes were inspired by the executive chef of one of the Pacific Northwest’s premiere seafood restaurants-we know that you will not be disappointed. On longer trips, we will have steak, turkey, chicken, and other savory meals.

Accompaniments include wild rice and pasta dishes, potatoes, vegetables, and other delectable sides.  Our breakfasts will feature real Alaska sourdough flapjacks, eggs and egg dishes, country style hash browns, ham or sausage, juices, and/or other options. Lunches are generally hearty sandwiches, potato chips, potato salad, coleslaw or other satisfying accompaniments. We may even BBQ brats and burgers. Soft drinks and juices will be provided.  Please let the captain know if you have any special dietary needs.

Charters typically leave from the Homer Small Boat Harbor between 6:00 and 7:30 am, depending on the tide, and return at approximately 5:00 pm the following day.

We happily accommodate everyone, including guests that use a wheelchair or have other special needs.  Please note, these trips do require certain physical abilities and will incur exertion of effort. These trips may not be suitable for guests younger than 8 years of age.  

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