Our halibut fishing is world-class and offers an angler very consistent opportunities to catch limits of halibut.  Since every trip we take is a “long range” charter, we take advantage of all the fishing opportunities available, and that includes “Double Limits”! We will pursue halibut, ling cod after July 1, and rockfish. We will also likely catch pacific cod and if we are really lucky, a salmon shark, which is a very close relative to the great white (boat policy is catch and release on all sharks).  By the way, there are great whites in Alaskan waters!

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Since we only do long range charters, we go far beyond where the day charter fleet fishes, where the fishing pressure is negligible and bigger fish are more likely.  With this in mind,  a Homer Halibut Derby ticket is included in the price of your charter. An added benefit is that we generally fish in much shallower waters than the day charter fleet, making the experience even that much more enjoyable. Although we are targeting bigger fish, we encourage catch and release of large breeding females-those fish over 100 pounds-but that is totally up to the angler.


Ling opens July 1st and these are incredibly aggressive fish that make for fine eating. When legal, we will always try to put our guests on ling. Rockfish are great to catch and even better eating.  We will jig for some of the over 30 species of rockfish in Alaska. Last, but not least, pacific cod are targets of opportunity and make for some very fine eating as well.  

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